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Segway PT's
bodyelectric - electric personal transportation

MAX-POD transporter
We offer the MAX-POD - a dedicated trailer with electric lift to transport your MAX.

Compact, light, rides like a dream....Tow behind ANY vechicle with a standard towbar...

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We sell and support the legendary
Segway Personal Transporters.

Now in their eighteenth year, as tough and reliable as a brick, these machines continue to offer daily mobility solutions for a huge range of commercial and domestic clients.
With a range of up to
50km between charges, a speed of up to 20kph, these are the gold standard in personal electric transportation.

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bodyelectric - electric personal transportation
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We design and build the
bodyelectric MAX cross-terrain transporter

Its not for everyone, but if you are up for it, and meet the criteria, we have a very rewarding mobility solution for you...

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Introducing truly extraordinary off-road mobility.....

bodyelectric MAX-TRX cross-terrain transporter

You can't take this into the supermarket, but if its off-road you want, there is nothing like it....

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Covid-19: Bodyelectric will not be conducting any trials, or travelling while NZ is under lockdown.
However, feel free to contact us if you need to, or to ask any questions related to our product line.

Please note that since we rely on other NZ businesses for things like raw materials, some products, services and parts, we don't know when normal operation will resume.

Stay cool, stay calm, be kind.....