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MAX powerchair
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Segway PT's
bodyelectric - electric personal transportation

MAX-POD transporter
We design and build the
bodyelectric MAX cross-terrain powerchair.
Its not for everyone, but if you are up for it, and meet the criteria, we have a very rewarding mobility solution for you...

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We sell and support the NEW Segway miniPRO.
Extrordinary technology in a small package - weighs just 13 kg, but with big performance!
Up to 16kph, up to 25km per charge!
Full 12 month warranty.
Very, very sharp pricing....

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We sell and support the legendary Segway Personal Transporters.
Now in their fourteenth year, as tough and reliable as a brick, these machines continue to offer daily mobility solutions for a huge range of commercial and domestic clients.
With a range of up to 35km between charges, a speed of up to 20kph, these are the gold standard in personal transportation.
They also are the base for a number of balancing fully seated mobility solutions, such as our own MAX powerchair.

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bodyelectric - electric personal transportation
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$1595.00 inc GST
includes 12 month warranty