Introduced to an unsuspecting public in 2002, eighteen years later the Segway PT is a now familiar sight worldwide, with well established markets in law enforcement and security, urban commuting, event management, mobility solutions for partially disabled people, steadicam platforms for videoing sporting events, golf course caddying, tourist operations and myriad other on and off road applications.

It is suppied in two configurations; the i2SE for city and mostly paved areas, and the X2SE for more off-road use.

2020 Segway i2SE extended range: $14,995.00 inc gst
2020 Segway X2SE extended range: $15,995.00 inc gst

Segway PT's - 0800 600 155
UPDATE 2020: The Segway PT range has been officially discontinued from mid 2020. Having said that, we are still able to source new machines at present (May 2021)
Call 0800 600 155 for details...
Ask your OT or other health professional to contact us for more information, to arrange a demo, or simply contact us direct:

free phone 0800 600 155
tony at bodyelectric dot co dot nz

The platform has become well established in the mobility enhancement area - currently almost half of all private Segway PT's in New Zealand are owned by people who use them as a mobility aid.

These customers include people with many differing mobility challenges, but what they all have in common is that, while they may not be able to walk any distance, they can all, and all want to, stand.

The Segway PT is a life-changing solution in this role, and can give you the ability to easily and quickly move around, and in many cases move like you have never been able to before.

We have a large database of users with differing mobility problems the Segway PT is solving, (details of which are available on request), but by way of example some reasons these people are using a Segway PT include:

* Spinal injuries
* Leg injuries
* Leg amputation
* Heart problems
* Lung and breathing problems
* Stroke
* Age related problems
* Arthritis
* MS
* Parkinson's disease
* Cerebral Palsy
* Muscular Dystrophy
* Polio

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Segway PT's - 0800 600 155
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