Transport MAX easily with ANY vehicle!
bodyelectric MAX-POD transporter
Transport your MAX (or most other powerchairs on special order) easily behind any vehicle with a standard towbar.

You don't need a dedicated van or other vehicle with lifts or ramps - any family or small car will do.

Easily ride your MAX on and off - the platform lowers absolutely flat to ground level.

Accepts your MAX with any tires -standard i2, MAX Town & Country, Segway Turf tires, Segway X2 tires.

Road Trailer for the bodyelectric MAX cross-terrain personal transporter.

* Tow behind any vehicle with a standard towbar
* Ride on - Ride off
* Electric lift lowers and raises MAX from ground to road height
* Presents the MAX forward as it lowers to clear road wheels for transfer
* Seperate electrical system from towing vehicle
* Room to transport other equipment, luggage, optional MAX tyres etc
* Optional mounting ball for std car bike holder (carry kids bikes etc)
* Optional colour of choice - match to your vehicle
* Designed and made in New Zealand
* Optional modification to transport other powerchairs

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MAX-POD Transporter