Transport MAX easily with ANY vehicle!
bodyelectric MAX-POD transporter
Transport your MAX (or most other powerchairs on special order) easily behind any vehicle with a standard towbar.

You don't need a dedicated van or other vehicle with lifts or ramps - any family or small car will do.

Easily ride your MAX on and off - the platform lowers absolutely flat to ground level.

Accepts your MAX with any tires -standard i2, MAX Town & Country, Segway Turf tires, Segway X2 tires.

Road Trailer for the bodyelectric MAX cross-terrain personal transporter.

* Tow behind any vehicle with a standard towbar
* Ride on - Ride off
* Electric lift lowers and raises MAX from ground to road height
* Presents the MAX forward as it lowers to clear road wheels for transfer
* Seperate electrical system from towing vehicle
* Room to transport other equipment, luggage, optional MAX tyres etc
* Optional mounting ball for std car bike holder (carry kids bikes etc)
* Optional colour of choice - match to your vehicle
* Designed and made in New Zealand
* Optional modification to transport other powerchairs

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Ride On / Ride Off.....
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MAX-POD Transporter
As of May 2021 we are no longer building this trailer, since we no longer offer the MAX machine this was designed to Transport.

Feel free to call 0800 600 155 with any queries.