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MAX standard tyre options
ONE: MAX comes with these standard non-marking Segway i2 wheels/tyres, (below) which you could call inside/city tyres - with these tyres fitted the MAX is only 634mm (24.9") wide..about the same width as a standard wheelchair.

Tyre Options
TWO: MAX "Town & Country" tyres and wheels - opposite.
We developed these ourselves, because we wanted a tyre/wheel combination that gave a smoother ride that was also more at home on both pavement and country roads / gravel, mud etc.
With these tyres fitted, MAX is
722mm (28.4") wide - so goes through most standard doors.

For many people, these and the std Segway i2 tyres will be all they need.
However, depending on what you want to do with the machine, you can choose from these two wider wheels / tyres:

THREE: Segway "turf" wheels / tyres - (opposite right).These are great for soft sand, soft ground, mud.. They give a very nice ride (since they run at only 4psi) and fit under the standard fenders. They are fitted to Segway "golf" machines - ie Segways that are tricked out to carry your bag of golf clubs, and transport you around the golf course. They don't chew up the green, and are also the tyres fitted to Segways you may have seen operating on rugby / cricket / golf grounds with steadicam operators aboard, videoing the events.
These are the ones fitted on the machine in the beach video on our website. MAX is
850mm (33.5") wide with these tyres fitted.
FOUR: MAX "Field & Track" wheels / tyres.(opposite left). These are a more aggressive tread, great on the farm, river beds, mud etc. .
These are what would suit someone who is going to use the machine off road mainly, for example a farmer, vineyard manager, DOC ranger etc. However, because they have a continuous band of tread around the tyre centre, they are also ok on tarmac, footpaths and harder surfaces, and give a very comfortable ride.
Reccommended tyre pressure is 7 to 10psi off road, 12 to 15psi on harder surfaces.

A MAX with this wheel/tyre combination is
740mm (29.5") wide.
Be aware that the range of the machine will vary depending on what tyres are fitted.
For example, you might expect up to ~30km per charge with standard i2 wheels on flat paved surfaces; maybe 25km with MAX "Town & Country" wheels on flat paved surfaces, 20 to 25 off road.
With Turf or MAX "Field & Track" wheels fitted, and used off road, maybe 15 to 20 km, depending on terrain etc.
It's hard to be specific since there are so many variables, like hills, surface, speed, rider weight etc....

Most people's needs will be covered by these, but further options are avaialble if you have specific requirements - for example duals, Motocross, dual Motocross and so on... Call to discuss.
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