MAX - its not for everyone!
How much does it cost? - Including a new Segway PT:

MAX-51-XT (extended range) NZ$ - call 0800 600 155

Includes as standard:

> Extended Range Batteries (from December 2019)
> Segway "Lift-Away" Leansteer
> Segway "i2" wheels - non marking, suitable paved surfaces, indoors
> MAX "Town & Country" Alloy Wheels & tyres - On/off road.
> Choice of High or Low Back Racetech Seat
> Sunmate foam in seat bottom
> Quick Release seat requiring no tools
> Adjustable seat height
> Adjustable footrest height


> MAX "Track & Beach" tyres - Farm, Mud, Beach
> Motocross tyres - Mud (not suitable paved surfaces)
> Dual motorcross tyres - More Mud (not suitable paved surfaces)
> LED headlight - 1500 lumen, lithium battery, remote switch
> Custom alterations or modifications depending on individual need

Dimensions & weight?
A complete standard MAX 51-XT, including MAX-Racetech seat, MAX "Town & Country" tyres, ready to run, weighs just on 100kg.

WIDTH: 634mm to 850mm (25" to 33.5") depending on tyre options.
LENGTH: 738mm to 815mm (29" to 32") depending on footrest options.
HEIGHT (no seat installed) X LENGTH: 560 x 738mm (22" x 29")
RANGE: About 25~45 km (post Dec 2019), depending on riders weight, terrain, speed & tyre options installed.
SPEED: Up to 20kph (can be factory limited from 6kph to 20kph)
GRADIENT: Comfortably 1:5 (20%, 11.3 degrees) - more depending on rider's ability, cojones.

How long from order to delivery?
We generally build to order, but always have at least one demo machine available, and sometimes one or two new machines in stock.
As a guide, a standard machine will take from four to six working weeks from confirmed order (longer over December thru Febuary). Customised machines may take longer.
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Designed and made in New Zealand, the MAX is a fully seated Segway PT based cross-terrain mobility solution.
It is not for everyone, but if you meet the criteria we have a very liberating and exciting mobility solution for you.
bodyelectric MAX cross-terrain transporter
the short version:
Make no mistake, this is a machine you have to be involved with - you cant just stay static and be ferried around like a package!
While its easy to ride, you need to meet some minimum requirements:

> You must have some upper body movement
> Full control of at least one arm and hand
> Be able to transfer to and from your standard wheelchair
> Weigh more than 35kg, and

Please call us with your specific requirements, or ask your OT or other heath professional to contact us - 0800 600 155
MAX at the beach, way down south at Aramoana
MAX-XT in a field after two days of horse show jumping, Nth Auckland
Videos of the MAX cross-terrain transporter in action in the mud, on the beach, hills, curbs etc.......
Tyre Options
MAX up & down hills, curbs, etc...
At the end of 2002 the first Segway Personal Transporters went on sale in the USA. This machine was unlike anything previously seen, in that it balanced on two side by side wheels, and was controlled by the rider leaning their body in the direction they wanted to go.

This unique and brilliant interface of man and machine continues today in the current Segway models.

It is incredibly easy to ride, since if you can stand and walk, you already know how to ride it. Why? Because it mimics how humans balance and walk!
The Segway rider and machine form one complete balanced wheeled whole. You can relax standing completely still while talking to a friend, roll alongside them as they walk, thread though crowded city streets, in and out of lifts, move up hills, down hills, traverse beaches, fields, mud, snow, supermarkets, schools - in fact almost anywhere people want to go in their everyday lives, the Segway can take you there quietly, efficiently, with no emmisons, and no fuss.

Today in New Zealand, there are over 500 people using this machine, including over 200 who, while able to stand, cannot easily walk for any distance, and who leverage this technology to allow them to move easily around in their daily life...

The BodyElectric MAX cross-terrain transporter builds on this concept, to make the Segway PT experience available to a fully seated rider.

So, what does this actually mean for a user who needs to rely on a wheelchair or powerchair on a daily basis, and how is the MAX different or indeed any better than a standard unit?

lighter. MAX is just under 100kg ready to ride.

smaller. Depending on tire options, MAX has a footprint of just 634mm wide x 720mm long. (25" x 28.3"). This is tiny for a powered device; for example it means you can comfortably wander around inside any normal NZ house... We make a big deal of MAX's ability outside on uneven terrain, but, with the included non-marking Segway i2 wheels fitted, it is no wider than a standard non-powered wheelchair, and can potter around indoors at home, school, office, etc all day long.

faster. MAX will travel at up to 20kph. The speed can be factory limited to anything under this if required, and the user can also easily set their own preferred top speed limit.

more agile. MAX can turn 360 degrees in its own footprint.

steeper hills. MAX will comfortably climb and descend a 1:5 gradient; more, depending on rider's ability.

two wheels. MAX has only two wheels, so no little castors front or back to get caught in or hung up in rough or uneven ground, dips, depressions.

big diameter wheels. (~470mm (18.5") diameter) means easy smoother rolling over uneven terrain.

no joystick, throttle, control lever etc. A simple set of handlebars (which can be easily replaced or customised) steers the machine, which you can grasp as you like - use one of either hands, both hands, lean on the bars with your wrists, change grip as needed.

> "
move by thinking." All it takes is an inclination of the body to make the machine move and steer. There is no other interface in your way - move freely in a natural way, that standing folks take for granted.

dynamic body control. To ride MAX, you can't just sit statically operating everything with one hand like a conventional powerchair. You need to move your upper body forward / back, move the handlebars side to side; you need to actively drive it with your body, burn a bit of energy, become a physical part of the machine.

interchangeable wheels/tires. MAX comes standard with non-marking wheels that make the machine no wider than a standard wheelchair, which you'd use indoors and on paved surfaces / occasional off-road, AND a set of MAX "Town & Country" wheels, that do what it says.
Optionally order wide MAX "Track & Beach" wheels for farms, rural environments & the Beach. Still further options (duals, knobblies etc on special order)

water resistant. When we build MAX, we don't open the Segway base, so it stays factory sealed, warranty intact, unaffected by rain and able to traverse muddy puddles, streams etc. (NOTE: You will VOID your warranty if you ride MAX in salt water).

MAX is:

> always a Segway PT*. When you buy a new MAX you of course also buy the Segway PT that makes it work; this means what it says:
ALL the Segway parts that are not required in the actual MAX build are INCLUDED in your box of accessories.
So, since when we build MAX
we dont alter or modify the Segway in any way, should you at any later date wish to reconfigure the machine as a standard Segway PT, you have every single part you need to do it.

*MAX can be reconfigured as a standard Segway PT, using normal handtools, within an hour or two. (two people recommended)

a commuter. With its ability to travel at a good clip, and it's hill climbing ability, this is a machine you can realistically commute on. MAX charges its batteries going downhill via regenerative braking, so even in a hilly environment you still get plenty of range.

a beach belle. MAX owns the beach. With wide MAX TRACK & BEACH wheels you can easily traverse soft sand, uneven terrain.

a rural rocket. MAX is totally comfortable on the farm, orchard, winery, and country / gravel roads. Fit your included MAX "Town & Country" wheels, or for muddier, rougher or softer terrain fit our MAX "Track & Beach" wheels, or even dual motorcross knobblies!

a bicycle accompanist. MAX can accompany your friends and family on bicycles without them having to make any concessions to you. Because MAX has the speed and agility to keep up with them, even off road* everyone has a better and more inclusive experience.

(* within obvious limits - MAX can't use narrow bicycle tracks, or go eveywhere a mountain bike might)

an enabling device. MAX doesn't look like a standard machine for "disabled" people. This is not a trivial point - over and over we hear that people don't want to be made to feel they are forced to be in a machine that makes them feel different and "disabled".

liberating for the mind as well as the body; the synthesis of body and machine achieved in the MAX is no coincidence.
Users tell us it is just like skiing again, it's like riding a motorbike again, like cycling again, and even, "...almost like I felt before I had my accident."


> it isn't unstoppable - for example it isn't the last word in off-road ability. There is plenty of terrain and even urban situations both on and off road that will defeat it, or at least it would be foolish to try to traverse.
For example situations where a footpath suddenly terminates in a high curb, at an angle, or a deep gutter, or deeper mud, deeper water, larger rocks, steps and so on.
You need to learn to evaluate the terrain - for example, it's very easy to ride down a rough damp grassy track, to perhaps find it is not so easy to come back up again...

> Perhaps most importantly, it
requires a certain attitude and commitment on the part of the rider - It is an amazingly liberating machine if the user is up for it, but you have to drive it, commit to it. An analogy would be the difference between a small commuter car and a motorcycle - they are both initially easy to drive/ride, but the motorcycle requires a completely different attitude, and the use of your body in harmony with the machine and the ride.

> generally speaking MAX will be more suitable for younger to middle aged persons who have reasonable upper-body control, are up for being physically active (in so far as their circumstances permit) rather than people who may need a powerchair as a consequence of infirmity through natural aging.

> you need to
play the long game; MAX is easy to ride initially, but it will typically take about two to five hours before you begin to feel reasonably comfortable with it.
It will take another 15 to 25 hours before you will begin to think "OK, now what can I really do with this thing...?" and that's when your world will really begin to open up....

> And finally: notwithstanding all of the above,
the only way to find out if it's for you is to trial it.

Talk to your OT or other health professional about arranging a trial, or call us direct 0800 600 155.
bodyelectric MAX cross-terrain transporter
the long version:
Can it be fitted with a seat belt or other restraint?
It could, but we wouldn't do it. If you or your health professional think you may need a restraint, that is an indication that the MAX is probably not the machine for you.

How would I transport it?
At ~100kg MAX is lighter than many powerchairs, and has a very compact footprint. Even so, it requires some thought as to the best way to transport it.

If you have a vehicle with a low floor, MAX can be run up ramps (using its own power) into and out of it. This is a cheap and easy option since it requires nothing apart from the ramps; however it is only suitable if you are able to stand, or will have someone with you when you want to use MAX who is able to handle this.

Just so you know - all demo videos above show experienced and non-disabled rider, and do not imply that everything you see here is necessarily a good idea, or that you might be able to replicate it. Riding in sea water will VOID your warranty.
Videos show previous model(s) but these are functionally similar to current MAX-51 series machines.
Pre-Delivery test ride of a new MAX
greater wellington segway
Segway PT's
MAX-POD transporter
MAX 51 XT series - Cross-Terrain

Designed and built in New Zealand

20 kph
~1:5 Gradient
Lift-away Leansteer
All Lithium powered
Integrated grab rails
Adjustable seat height
Regen Charging downhill
Adjustable footrest height
Optional high or low back seat
Suite of Interchangeable Wheels
Quick Release seat without tools
Optional 1500 Lumen LED headlight
Always-on front and rear running lights
Zero-Turn ie turns 360 degrees in its own footprint

Dedicated Ride-on, Ride-off trailer with self-contained electric lift available.
You might load / unload MAX onto a small trailer using ramps also - perhaps bolting the ramps to the tailgate, so they are always there, can't fall off, and require no positioning.

NOTE: Loading / unloading the machine using ramps is absolutely NOT an option for anyone while seated in a chair.

Any of the various standard options for any powerchair will probably work - eg a manual or electric hoist, in-vehicle lifts etc. These tend to require a specific kind of vehicle, and are not cheap. They are also a bit of a hassle to remove / reinstall if you want to change vehicles.

Its definitely a problem, especially if you want to be independent.

Because of this, we have designed and built the MAX-POD.
This is a dedicated trailer for transporting MAX, with an electric lift that lowers to the ground, allowing you to
It can be towed behind any vehicle with an ordinary towbar, so it requires no specific vehicle, or vehicle mods.

We basically sell this for little more than it costs us to build it, simply because almost everyone has to come to grips with the transport issue - check it out here for more detailed information.

Further questions?
Feel free to call to discuss - 0800 600 155 or email:
tony@bodyelectric dot co dot nz
MAX-POD - dedicated transporter for your MAX
From the end of May 2021 the MAX*51 cross-terrain transporter will no longer be offered for general sale.

In mid 2020 Segway announced the official end of production of the Segway PT (on which the MAX two wheeled machines are based). Although we can still for the moment source new Segways, the decision has been made to concentrate on the development of new non-balancing machines that don't require the discontinued Segway product.

Accordingly, the MAX*51 will be still be available going forward, but only as a custom unit, on special order.

We will of course still service and repair existing machines as needed.

Feel free to call 0800 600 155 if you have any queries.