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We now offer our MAX "Town & Country" alloy wheels and cross-terrain tires as a Segway i2 / i2SE option.

We developed these units for our
MAX transporter, since we wanted a wheel solution that was more capable on/off road than a standard i2 wheel, gave a smoother ride, but without the width of turf or x2 wheels.

A great replacement for anyone wanting to upgrade their i2 wheels, (
fits under your stock fenders) and especially suited for tour fleets, security operators or anyone wanting a more versatile tire, with dual pavement and cross-terrain ability.

Simply remove your std wheels, and replace with our MAX wheels!
we sell Segway PT's - 0800 600 155
MAX alloy wheels and cross-terrain tires

NZ$ 660.00 per pair + GST & freight
OZ$ 630.00 + freight
U$ 480 + freight

Installed width: 722mm (28.43 inches)
AVAILABLE NOW - 0800 600 155
Overseas Customers: You can save very big dollars on freight cost if you are prepared to assemble the wheels yourself, sourcing the tires, tubes etc locally. Contact us for details:
tony at bodyelectric dot co dot nz
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